Teaching Men To Teach Men

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MDN Leadership Training

MDN has been training men for over 20 years and there's a lot we've learned about training men. Men's Pastor, Scott Caesar, would like to share with you what he has found to be the most effective ways to reach and teach your men to strengthen themselves in the Lord. Check our events schedule to join us for a training event near you.

  • The Leader
    • The Heart of the Leader
    • The Head of the Leader
    • The Hands of the Leader

  • How Men Learn
    • The Difference Between Men and Women
    • Discipleship Coach/Teacher 5-Point Storyboard

  • How To Raise Up Leaders
    • Qualifications for a Leader/Teacher
    • Choosing the Leader/Teacher
    • Developing the Leader/Teacher

  • How to Recruit Men
    • The Five Touches
    • Prepare A Game Plan

  • MDN System of Male Discipleship: The New Score Card
    • Intro to MDN Curriculum
    • Objectives
    • Teaching Points
    • Spiritual Physics
    • Rules of Engagement
    • Man-Shops & Man-life Parables
    • Questions Men Answer
    • Power of Four

  • How to Present the W.E.A.P.O.N.S.® Curriculum
    • Word of God/Sword of Man
    • Expunge/Exchange
    • Association/Accountability
    • Purpose/Provision
    • Order/Oneness
    • Names of God/Names of Man
    • Strength/Significance (Sonship)