Discipleship Boot Camp Catalyst to Change

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Please call Men’s Discipleship Network at 631-753-1244 to get your Audio Access Card with a suggested donation of $15. If you purchased an audio access card, please refer to the back of the card for the access code and enter it in the location below to begin downloading the audio of the event. Thank you for supporting MDN.

Morning Seminar Sessions

Seminar Title Speaker
“Success - Your Work Matters to God!” Dr. McKenzie Pier
Healing the Wounds of Life & War Mike Hutchings
Building Your Marriage Survival Kit Pastor Ted Bichsel
Experiencing the Power of The Father's Love Craig Miller
The First Hour for Men - Prayer Mark Koch
Dad Manifesto- 52 Things Kids Need from a dad Jay Payleitner
Not Just Another Guy: Attractive Manhood (Young Men) Pastor Steve Milazzo
How to Disciple Men: Leadership (Pastors /Leaders) Scott Caesar

Afternoon Seminar Sessions

Seminar Title Speaker
Hearing God's Will for You through the Bible Pastor Jamaal Bernard
Sex, Love & Lust - A Man's Guide Pastor Bobby Lloyd
Healing the Wounds of Life & War Dr. Mike Hutchings
The Power to Change: The Spirit-Filled Man Pastor Dominick Cotignola
Experiencing the Power of The Father's Love Craig Miller
Building the Body:How Discipline & Discipleship Become One Pastor Anthony Pelella
The First Hour for Men Mark Koch
Dad Manifesto- 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad Jay Payleitner
Not Just Another Guy: Attractive Manhood (Young Men) Pastor Stephen Zarlengo

Why Should You Attend the Men’s Discipleship Boot Camp®

You Are Not Alone

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Men of God, we all experience the same struggles – we are in this together. Wgeb attending a DBC you will hear truth that will help you disarm the lie that you are alone in your struggle. Men can choose from 8-10 workshops to interact with other men and be encouraged and strengthened.

You Will Hear Truth

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The many voices of our culture try to dictate to us lies about who we are, why we exist and what is our purpose. We are mandated by Scripture to not be conformed to this culture and its false promises, but rather we are to be transformed (Romans 12:2). At DBC you will hear “Truth that Transforms with Training that Sustains” that truth.

You Will Be Armed

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The Bible teaches that we are opposed by an unseen enemy who seeks to Steal, Kill and Destroy (John 10:10). Men will walk away from this event equipped with practical tools to overcome the enemy of our souls.

You Will Be Encouraged

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As men, we can all go through seasons in our life where we feel like we are walking through a desert. Sometimes all we need to overcome such seasons is to “suit up and show up.” At DBC you will be refreshed through masculine worship, renewed in your spirit through the teachings as well as be affirmed through prayer. You will leave motivated in your faith and encouraged to “keep on keeping on.”

Changing Families One Man at a time

Hear What the Church Has to Say

  • Man speech bubble c0ca227f291f872740dc8b841a0242191175e71d784174af19a28ecca582acd6

    [The W.E.A.P.O.N.S. curriculum] really encouraged us to rally behind our pastor and pray for him. It showed our men to follow God's leadership and authority in our life and how to unite as one for a common purpose - God. After this weekend’s workshop the men re-united and came together setting aside their differences. It really made a difference.

    Brandon Dawson House on the Rock, Far Rockaway, NY
  • Bullhorn 67a01e9fcd8dcff627895d32e86bcf8a04a7b6f290d3f2aa91adf46ae77be4d8

    "The [W.E.A.P.O.N.S.] intensive program was very informative and refreshing in that it presented a simple and sustainable strategy for enhancing the effectiveness of any men's ministry and for developing lay leaders through the W.E.A.P.O.N.S curriculum. It's a must have in every men's ministry toolkit."

    Pastor Corey Johnson Shelter Rock Church, Manhasset, NY
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    I strongly recommend the W.E.A.P.O.N.S Curriculum to every church and encourage the leadership to get to know Pastor Scott Caesar and his MDN Coaches. They will help your Men’s Ministry reach new heights…Whether you are a new believer or a veteran Christian, a young adult or an older adult, the “W.E.A.P.O.N.S. Curriculum” can help you begin your journey on how to become more knowledgeable in being the man that God has created you to be.

    Samuel Baez, Men's Leader Assembly of God, Center Moriches, NY
  • Bullhorn 67a01e9fcd8dcff627895d32e86bcf8a04a7b6f290d3f2aa91adf46ae77be4d8

    The Saturday Men’s Discipleship Intensive Training...was very informative, engaging and well attended. It’s wonderful to see the many men from different Christian denominations participate. The exploratory presentation of the materials were clear, meaningful and comprehensible. Pastors whose Churches embrace this material lay the ground work for men using serious bible based materials which connects them with their God and fellow brothers, which promotes spiritual wellness in our church communities.

    Victor Rubianes, Men's Facilitator Crossway Church and Christian Center